"Jenny, Jenny oh!

Joy, oh Joy!

A one-woman man's what I wanna be,

But there's two perfect girls for me!"

-Brock's song

Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy are recurring characters and the love interests of Brock in Pokémon.


Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy are a series of public servants that appear in every town that Pokémon trainers visit. Apparently they're all closesly related to each other and all went through the same training to

Brock - Two Perfect Girls (AMV)03:41

Brock - Two Perfect Girls (AMV)

undertake the exact same vocation. Clearly none of them have much of an identity beyond their professions, although one episode presented a Nurse Joy that was noticeably more physically active.

Officer Jennys all have different-shaped police badges on their hats, while Nurse Joys all have different coloured crosses on theirs. Officer Jennys use various pokémon depending on the crime they're trying to stop, although Growlithes are he most common. Nurse Joys traditionally use Chanseys or other maternalistic pokémon.

in some episodes they seem to be in love with Brock , and two of them want to be his girlfriends.


  • The lack of individuality between the various Jennys and Joys is a recurring joke in the anime. Brock can tell them apart by insanely minor details when several appear at once. One Nurse Joy jokes about how she thinks she's the prettiest in her family. Also, in the first Pokémon movie, Mewtwo's human puppet was revealed to be a Nurse Joy, presumably because Joys are easier to mentally control.


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