Palmer Dodge is the love interest of Danny Maccabee in the 2011 film, Just Go With It. She is portrayed by Brooklyn Decker.

History Edit

Palmer's parents divorced when she was in eighth grade because her Dad cheated on her Mom. She got tired of picking sides so she decided to move from North Carolina to L.A. She's lived in L.A for almost 2 years, working as a sixth-grade math teacher.

Romance Edit

Danny Edit

Danny and Palmer met in a party. Palmer thought Danny was charismatic. They slept that night and she felt she was falling in love with him. She went on a date with Eddy as a distraction so that she doesn't discover Danny and Katherine's "date". After Eddy lets it slip that Danny considered proposing to her, she decided to marry him right away. Danny left her at the altar because he wants to be with Katherine

Unnamed Pro Tennis Player Edit

Palmer met this professional tennis player in the plane going to mainland. She fell in love with him and they shared their feelings.