Pam and Louie


Pam is a recurring character and the on-and-off love interest of the title character in Louie.


Like Louie, Pam is a divorced parent. She has a similarly cynical attitude towards everything that Louie does, frequently putting down anything she doesn't immediately take a liking to. When their kids start being friends, Louie and Pam decide to be freinds as well, made easier as all the other parents are irritatingly happy.

Louie has a crush on Pam. She's fully aware of this and constantly tells him that nothings ever going to happen between them. Despite this, they have slept together, if only to ease the tension.

In the Season 2 finale, Pam's ex-husband says he wants to restart their relationship and invites her to live in France with him. Louie warns her that this guy walked out on her once and might do it again, but Pam says she's just trying to give her son a stable family. Louie tries to make one last attempt with Pam, but she tells him that there was never any attraction between them and there never will be, she only sees him as a friend. When Pam crooses the gates and waves goodbye to Louie, she tries o get him to wave back by shouting "wave for me!". The lingering traces of Louie's ego make him think shes was saying "Wait for me!", making him believe there's hope after all.