270px-Pam Bouvier (Carey Lowell) - Profile

Pam Bouvier is the main love interest of James Bond from the James Bond film, Licence to Kill.  She was also a former army pilot, Bouvier works as a CIA informer posing for a courier for the villainious drug lord, Franz Sanchez.  After Bond refuses to listen to M's orders to leave a wounded Felix Leiter alone and go back to the assignment in Instabul, Bond resigns from MI6 and flees and Bond tracks her down at the bar in Bimini as the two escape from Dario.  She agrees to help Bond hunt down Sanchez, making her Bond's assistant.  She then meets Colonel Heller to make a deal granting immunity if Sanchez is finally caught.  Q shows up just in time and helps Bond and Pam hunt down Sanchez to the secret warehouse.  She shoots down Dario and helps Bond destroy Sanchez's drug convoy and Bond burns the gasoline soaked Sanchez by using Felix's cigarette Lighter.  As Bond, Pam and Q head to the party for the defeat of Sanchez, Bond gets a call from Felix saying that M is giving him his job back and Bond kisses Lupe Lamora.  Pam becomes upset about this and walks away.  However, Bond sees Pam feeling lonely and tells Lupe to date El Presidente instead and Bond jumps into the pool, pulls Pam in the pool and the two fall in love together in the pool at the end of the film.


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