Panty Anarchy is one of the main protagonists of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt and the love interest of Briefers (Brief) Rock. She is also the love interest of Judge Claude Frollo in the YouTube Poop series, The Frollo Show. 

Panty and Stocking With GarterbeltEdit

Due to bad behavior, the angel sisters, Panty and Stocking Anarchy are kicked out of Heaven and arrive in Daten City, a city on Earth that borders between Heaven and Hell.  The two are tasked with defeating evil spirits called Ghosts.  Defeating these creatures allows the spirit to find peace.  Upon their destruction, they drop Heaven Coins, which Panty and Stocking must collect in order to get back into heaven.   Panty is able to transform her panties into a magical gun called Backlace while Stocking is able to transform her stockings into magical swords called Stripe I and Stripe II

However the two are often distracted as Stocking is obsessed with sweets and Panty wished to have sex with a thousand men before her return to Heaven.  The two are also foul-mouthed and often cause more destruction to the city than ghosts do.  Briefers falls in love with her the moment he meets her and often hangs out at the church the two stay at.  Despite being in love with Panty, the Anarchy sisters treat him very poorly and Panty oftens calls him Geek Boy.  Despite all the abuse he takes, he confesses he is still in love with Panty. 

In episode 12 part 2, Panty+Brief, the sisters have collected enough coins to return to Heaven, but only Stocking ascends, Panty is then told that her behavior was so nasty and horrid that she must collect Heaven Coins once again.  She is then later told she can't be allowed to have sex even though she is one man short of one thousand men.  Briefers takes her to a party.  During the party, she sees a handsome young man who smiles at her.  During the party, a wealthy man announces his son's engagement to one of the mayor's daughters (Scanty in a disguise).  The handsome man appears and says he wants to marry Panty.  Scanty and Kneesocks attack Panty, who starts losing her powers.  The handsome man helps Panty escape and reveals he's really Briefers.  The two head to a cabin and Panty starts to fall in love with Briefers.  She decides to have sex with him, but she starts feeling pain.  Garterbelt investigates and reveals that her hymen was reconstructed, making her a virgin again.  Corset arrives and reveals Briefer's penis is the key to opening Hells Gate and captures him.  Panty is unable to help him without her powers. 

In the two part finale, Garterbelt throws Panty out of the church because of the loss of her powers.  Panty then ends up on a farm, where she becomes very happy.  The elderly owner asks her if the farm life is wat she really wants.  A motorcycle gangs shows up and kills the elderly lady, but Panty escapes and heads to Daten City.  The elderly lady is revealed to be alive and it was all an act by Garterbelt.  Even though her powers are gone, she confronts Corset and the Demon Sisters and tries to save Briefers.  Stocking arrives and distracts the villains long enough for Panty to lose her virginity to Briefers.  No longer a virgin, she regains her powers.  Briefers falls to the ground and Panty refuses to save him, despite being in love with him.  His penis hits Hells Gate, unleashing the most powerful ghost.  Corset fuses with the ghost after killing Garterbelt.  Panty and Stocking use Gartbelt's master card to buy a powerful weapon to defeat the ghost.  They accidentally fire it backwards, but it awakens Panty and Stocking's mother, who kills Corset and seals away the ghost, restoring peace to Daten City.  However, despite saving the world and Heaven, Panty and Stocking also max out Garterbelt card, enraging a resurrected Garterbelt.  The two are forced to start the Heaven Coin hunt once again. 

During the credits, Stocking is revealed to be a demon and chops Panty into 666 pieces.  Corset is revealed to be alive and the two create a trail to Hells Gate with Panty's pieces, forcing Briefers and Chuck to go on a journey to restore Panty. 

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  1. Despite being angels, Panty and Stocking are personifications of two of the deadly sins.  Panty is the personification of Lust, because of her obsession with sex, and Stocking is the personification of Gluttony, because of her obsession with sweets.
  2. Panty wears many outfits throughout the series, but her most iconic is her red dress.
  3. Panty is not limited to her own panties to use Backlace.  She can dual wield two Backlaces if she uses another pair of panties and can even use men's underwear to obtain it.  When using men's underwear, Backlace changes form and power depending on the owner's penis and stamina.  When she used Brief's underwear, Backlace became a powerful shotgun, impressing Panty, though it could only be used three times, showing Brief had low stamina.
  4. Gainax, the company that made Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt, is well known for making endings to their anime that make almost no sense.  In fact many fans consider the ending to Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt an act of trolling as the ending is too ridiculous even by the show's standards and there was nothing to forshadow the twist on Stocking being a demon.  It was also told the series would have a season 2 but there has yet to be second season especially considering the fact the show was made in 2010.

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