270px-Paris Carver Profile (2)

Paris Carver is the second love interest of James Bond from the James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies.  She was a beautiful brunette who was originally Bond's lover that he left behind.  She later married Elliot Carver.  Bond first sees her again, but has no beauty and came up in conversation with her husband.  Paris also lied about dating her roommate and she barely knew him.  Bond suspects that the man she has married was up to something nefarious and she went to him after her husband's henchmen tried to kill him.  He tried to send her away, but it was too strongly drawn to each other.  She then made love to Bond confessed that he had left her because it was getting too close.  Paris gave Bond the information he needed and Carver sent Dr. Kaufman to her room hours later to kill her.  Paris is killed and Kaufman gets killed by Bond and Bond becomes upset about Paris's death.

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