Penny bigbangtheory

Penny is the love interest of Leonard from the TV show, The Big Bang Theory.  Leonard was attracted to Penny when he first met her in the pilot episode.  She and Leonard began dating at the end of the first season.  They had a few fights during their relationship but were still in love.  However at the end of the third season, Leonard told Penny he loved her but she was unable to say it as she had said it early in previous relationships and got hurt.  During a bowling match, Will Wheaton was able to manipulate this into making Penny break up with Leonard by making her feel she was stringing him along.  After a while, Leonard then starts going out with Priya, Raj's sister, making Penny jealous and realize she was wrong.  Once Priya leaves, Leonard and Penny get back together.  She is played by Kaley Cuoco.

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