Penny Widmore from Lost

Penelope "Penny" Widmore is a recurring character on the TV series Lost. She is the love interest of Desmond Hume. Although she is never shown on the island, she is a very important character.

Penny first met Desmond by a monastery in Scotland, and go off together, Two years later, they are shown to be a serious couple, despite the fact that Penny's father, Charles Widmore, hates Desmond, because he doesn't come from a wealthy family. Desmond eventually leaves Penny, feeling unworthy of her, and joins the Royal Scots Regimond, leaving Penny heartbroken. Desmond is eventually sent to the army prison, and he decides to write letters to Penny. However, Charles Widmore made sure Penny never got any of his letters. He then persuades Desmond to join a round-the-world sailing race to prove his worth to Penny. Desmond does this, but ends up on an island, and is stuck there for a few years. Desmond eventually does make contact with Penny again. In Season 4, when he and Sayid are on a helicopter, flying to a freighter, off the island, Desmond begins having perceptions of another reality of himself as a private in the British Army's Royal Scots Regiment. He begins flashing back and forth between present day on the freighter, and his life in 1996 before arriving on the island. Furthermore the shifting causes Desmond to lose all memories of the Island. Desmond learns, the only way to stop this, is to find a "constant", a person he can connect with in both 1996, and the present. Desmond decides to use Penny as his constant. In 1996, he finds Penny, who is upset at him for leaving. Desmond asks her for her number, and tells her, he will call her in 8 years. Despite Penny's confusion and frustration, she gives him her number. When he reverts to the present, he calls her, and she answers the phone and tearfully tells him she has been searching for him and knows about the island, and she loves him.

Penny and Desmond reunite in the Season 4 finale, and the 2 get married, and have a son named Charlie. They live happily with each other for 3 years, until Charles Widmore kidnaps Desmond, and brings him back to the island. Desmond is upset that he had been separated from Penny and Charlie, but manages to help his friends on the island. It is unknown if he manages to get back to Penny, because he is still stuck on the island in the series finale, but Hurley says he will do whatever he can to get Desmond back.

In the afterlife, Penny and Desmond reunite.

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