Perchik is the love interest of Hodel, the second of Tevye's daughters, in the stage musical Fiddler on the Roof and its film adaption. He is a radical Marxist from Kiev. It is likely that maybe it is Hodel who should have an article.

After one of his lessons with the younger two of Tevye's daughters (in fact, two of Hodel's younger sisters, who are still juvenile), mocks his interpretation of the story of Leah he told them, and in return, he criticizes her for hanging on to her religion's old traditions and tells her that the world is changing. It is proven by their dancing together, though for Orthodox Jews, opposite-gender dancing isn't allowed. For this, they fall in love, and Perchik tells Hodel that they have just changed an old tradition.

Tevye then allows their marriage because he remembered that Adam and Eve had a matchmaker, and decided Perchik and Hodel have the same matchmaker: God, whom Tevye discussed it with, and so they are allowed to be married.

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