Pom-Pom is a white female cat who lives in the King's castle and is one of the minor antagonists in Disney's 2002 direct-to-video film Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, the sequel to Cinderella.

She was the love interest of Lucifer.

Personality Edit

Pom-Pom is a chubby arrogant, snobbish and rude white cat. She has no feelings towards anyone except herself.

Role in the film Edit

In the beginning of the movie, Pom-Pom is asleep when Jaq and Gus pass by her to go to Fairy Godmother to read the story of Cinderella in the library.

At the end, the mice carry the book to Cinderella, they sneak past the female cat till she wakes up and sees them. She is about to give chase when a pie lands on her head.

In one of the two stories, "Tall Tail", Pom-Pom tries to catch Jaq who is a human after Fairy Godmother turns him into a human for a day and grants Jaq's wish came true.

In "An Uncommon Romance," she and Lucifer get together and she helps him catch the mice, but their relationship is short-lived when Pom Pom dumps Lucifer out of spite when Jaq dumps water on her.