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Derek (The Swan Princess)

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Prince Derek




The Swan Princess




Spending time with Odette
Practicing Archey
Spending time with Bromley
Protecting his kingdom


To find and marry Odette (succeeded)

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Prince Derek is one of the main characters of The Swan Princess film franchise. He is the son of Queen Uberta and later becomes the adoptive father of Alise. He is also the main love interest of Princess Odette.


Derek is kind and caring as well as extremely brave and courages while displaying great determination in finding and rescuing Odette. However, Derek can sometimes say before he thinks as in the first film, he replied "What else is there?" when question about what else he loves about Odette other than her beauty. Derek knows when he's at fault and works to fix his mistakes as in the end he managed to save Odette and prove his love. Derek is also very protective as he doesn't want to put Odette in any danger after what happened with Rothbart and refuses to lose her again. Derek also tends to blame himself when his loved ones are in danger and works his best to save them.

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When Odette was born, Derek and Odette's parents both gained the same idea to unite their kingdoms in marriage, making their children betrothed to each other. However, wanting their children to willing go through with the marriage, King William and Queen Uberta decided to bring their children together every summer to Uberta's kingdom for them to grow closer, hoping they will one day fall in love. However, since childhood, Derek and Odette didn't harbour any romantic feelings for each other and instead they constantly argued and fought whenever they are together. Throughout the years, they continued to fight and always dreaded whenever summer was approaching and always refused to spend time with each other. Eventually years later both Derek and Odette are fully grown adults. Originally while they are unhappy of their annual upcoming visit and are forced by their parents to attend, Odette and Derek instantly fall in love the moment they see each other, having full grown into both handsome and beautiful people.

Derek and Odette share a romantic dance, truly making them fully realize that despite their past together, Derek and Odette fall in love and share their first kiss. Derek instantly declares preparations for their wedding to begin, but Odette objects to Derek's wants. Odette tries to truly confirm Derek's feelings are true, asking him, "Is beauty all that matters to you?". However, Odette is heartbroken when Derek responds "What else is there?", making her believe that Derek only cares for her beauty and doesn't truly love her the way she is and breaks off the engagement, much to the dismay of both their parents. The next day, Odette and her father leave, but Derek and Odette share secret longing glances, showing they still love each other. Derek confides in Bromley and Rogers about what happened, admitting he does love more about Odette other than her beauty, but doesn't know how to express his feelings in words. Derek gains the idea to prove to Odette he does truly love her.

However, much to the surprise of Derek and the others, one of the royal guards of King William appears, greatly hurt, warning them of a dangerous creature known as The Great Animal attacked them. Worried for Odette's safety, Derek immediately leaves on his horse to rescue Odette, but upon arriving at their location, he finds Odette missing, only finding her Swan locket that he gave to her when she was a baby. Derek finds a dying King William, he tries to ask of Odette's whereabouts, but King William informs him The Great Animal isn't what it seems and with his dying breath, tearfully reveals to Derek, Odette is gone. Derek is devastated, but refuses to believe Odette is dead and has hope that she is still alive and for months, he traines himself to fight against The Great Animal in order to find and rescue Odette. However, Uberta along with everyone else have given up hope, after months of searching, everyone believes Odette is dead and Derek needs to move on and Uberta tries to play matchmaker with several other princesses. However, despite what everyone else believes, Derek refuses to give up and vows he will find Odette wherever she is.

Derek and Bromley begin their search for The Great Animal in the woods and soon separate from each other. During his search, Derek unknownly reunites with Odette when he sees her in her Swan form, but Derek believes that she maybe The Great Animal, assuming her beauty is hidden to mask something more dangerous and deadly. Derek shoots Odette, but she is saved by Puffin and they fly away to lure Derek back to Swan Lake to witness Odette transform back into a human. Derek begins to hunt down Odette and Puffin and tries to kill them, but fails everytime. Eventually, Derek makes his way to Swan Lake and much to his surprise, watches Odette in her Swan form land on the lake. He attempts to kill her, but is stopped by Puffin. Derek finally witnesses Odette transforming back to normal, leaving him, shocked, stunned and delighted to see Odette is alive. Derek and Odette happily reunite as Derek embraces Odette and spins her around in his arms and they happily share a kiss. Derek is relieved Odette is alive, knowing that despite the odds stacked against him, he knew she was alright.

Odette tries warns Derek he can't stay and while slightly confused, Derek promises to never let Odette out of his sight again. However, their happy reunion is short lived when Odette hears Rothbart coming and quickly begins to explain to Derek what's happened. Derek wants to stay to protect Odette and fight against Rothbart, but Odette urges Derek that Rothbart is too powerful and warns him to return to his kingdom. Derek advises Odette to come with him, but Odette reveals that she will simply turn back into a Swan when the moon leaves the lake. However, Odette reveals to Derek the only way to break the spell is that he must make a Vow of Everlasting Love and prove it to the world. Derek gains the idea to properly declare his love to Odette at the grand ball at his castle the next night, thereby confessing his love to all the kingdoms coming, the spell will be broken.

However, unknown to Derek shortly after he leaves, Rothbart appears, having overheard their plan. Rothbart holds Odette captive inside the tower inside his castle while his servant Bridget attends the ball disgused as Odette, since there is no moon the next night, thus preventing Odette from returning to her human form. Rothbart also reveals that if Bridget goes to the ball disgusd as Odette than Derek will ultimately make the vow to the wrong girl and thus Odette will die. Derek remains unaware and happily prepares for the ball, wanting the roses to be white, food to be light and music to be delicate, all to represent a Swan and happily reveals to his mother that he will soon be getting married, but doesnt reveal that Odette is alive, wanting it to be a surprise. During the night of the ball, Derek happily awaits for Odette to arrive, but still remains aware of Odette's current situation.

Eventually, much to the shock of everyone, "Odette" arrives at the ball and Derek is relieved she is alright, afraid something might have happened. "Odette" assures him that nothing would keep her away and they begin to dance. However, unknown to Derek, the real Odette has managed to escape and makes her way to the castle to stop and warn Derek. While Derek dances with "Odette", he feels something is wrong, but "Odette" assures him when she presents the Swan locket. Derek's worries are assured and he decides to end the dance and finally make his Vow of Everlasting Love. Outside, Odette has finally arrived and tries to get Derek's attention, but to no avail as all the entrances are blocked and Derek's attention is occupied by his Vow as well as Bridget keeping him from noticing Odette. Derek makes his Vow to the wrong, much to Odette's dismay and distress and slowly she begins to feel weaker and weaker due to the effects of the spell. Rothbart arrives and exposes the truth to Derek and he finally notices Odette flying back to Swan Lake.

Realizing his mistake, Derek rides to Swan Lake as Rothbart begins to taunt Derek, "assuring" he can see her one last time before she dies. Eventually makes his way to Swan Lake and is devastated over his actions, blaming himself for Odette's condition. Odette regains consciousness and with her dying breath confess her love to Derek and dies in his arms. Derek is devastated over the loss of Odette, but screams in agony he made the Vow for her. Suddenly, Rothbart appears and Derek demands he saves Odette since he as the power. Rothbart promises, but only if Derek manges to defeat him and transforms in The Great Animal. Derek displays great courage and determination, refusing to let Odette die, but Rothbart holds the advantage and nearly succeeds in killing Derek. However, Jean-Bob and the others have manage to acquire Derek's bow and gives him it to stop Rothbart but find he has no arrows until he hears Bromley who managed to escape from the tower dungeon and gives Derek an arrow.

Derek finally defeats Rothbart, but is still heartbroken over losing Odette and holds her in his arms as he confesses he has always loved her due to her kindness and courage. Miraculously, Odette is returned to life and she and Derek happily embrace each other with the spell on her finally broken. Sometime later, Derek and Odette happily marry and move into Rothbart's castle at Swan Lake. During the night of their wedding at Swan Lake, Derek assures Odette he will love far longer than death and they share a kiss, happily and truly together once again.



  • He is voiced by Howard McGillin.
  • Derek and Odette's iconic song is Far Longer Than Forever.
  • He is best friends with Bromley.

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