Pichi Pichi

Princess Pichi Pichi is a minor character in the remake of Dr. Slump (New Dr. Slump) she is a princess, future sovereign of the kingdom Exgulliver and fiancee of the Prince Asha, but I was not sure if marry, because it was a very capricious and avaricious prince, so it works out a plan, where she is falsely kidnapped by pirates, and to release the prince should give all his fortune, at first he accepts give it as long as you release the princess, so she reveals that it was all a trick and agrees to marry with he, but then discovers that the gold handed to them was false, so she abaro to see what it was decided to leave it and becomes a pirate (along with Arale, Obotchaman and Gatchan). Later the kingdom of Exgulliver is attacked by the neighboring kingdom, so the princess, Arale, Obotchaman and Gatchan, they will defend the kingdom, she fights against each of the monsters and gives them kicks, but it is attacked by one of them and leaves on the ground, before this Prince Asha gets angry and fight against monster, then Arale, Obotchaman and Gatchan fight them and defeat, then the Prince Asha and she approaches to see if it's okay, and she sees that had been hurt by defending, and he recognizes that risked by she, he gives thanks for saving him and she gives thanks to he, the prince then asks if you want to marry, to which she accepts and marry.

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