Princess Romy is the love interest of Willy Fog (and Tico, an original character and the mascot of Fog's replacement butler Rigadon) in the Spanish animated TV series Around the World with Willy Fog. Romy is based off Aouda in the book which the series is based off. She doesn't appear until episode 9, in which she was a princess because she had married a Rajah, who had died. Like Aouda, she was going to die on her husband's funeral pyre, but is rescued in time by Fog and Rigadon, whom she joins for the rest of the series. At first, this was going to be in order to find her parents, but she is devastated when she finds out they are dead.

Eventually, Romy marries Fog in the 26th and final episode of the first series, and is still his wife in the second series.

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