Princess Snow is the main love interest of Ginta Toramizu in the manga and anime series MÄR. Snow is the princess of LestavaShe was forced to run away from her kingdom and her last resort was to get her dog Edward to find help while she encased herself in ice. She was saved by Ginta and later joined him on his journey after accidentally sharing their first kiss. Snow uses ice and water themed ÄRMs and relies on the usage of Guardians then her own strength.

She is a magically created clone of Ginta's childhood friend Koyuki, made by Diana to serve her plans. Diana was going to sacrifice Snow and Koyuki and use the connection between their soul fragments to rip open a portal to Earth so she could conquer it.

She is killed by King, but her soul merges with Koyuki's to become one single being so that she can stay with Ginta when he returns to Earth.

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