270px-Pussy Galore - Profile

Pussy Galore is a character from the James Bond movie, Goldfinger. She is the love interest of James Bond.

Pussy first appears, about halfway through the film, where she is a henchman for Auric Goldfinger. However, she and Bond seem to be attracted to each other right away.

Bond is eventually able to convince Pussy (who claims to be immune to his charm) not to go with Goldfinger's plan to launch toxic gas to the army. Because she listened to him, Goldfinger was not able to successfully complete his goal.

At the end, Goldfinger finds Bond on a plane witch Pussy is flying. The two fight, and Goldfinger is thrown out the plane window. The plane is about to crash, when Bond and Pussy manage to parachute off. The two end up making love under the parachute.

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