Love Interest
Rachel Green

Full Name

Rachel Karen Green




Waitress at Central Perk (formerly)
Assistant at Fortunata Fashions (formerly)
Buyer and Personal Shopper at Bloomingdale's (formerly)
Executive at Ralph Lauren




To live a normal real life for herself (succeeded)
To become good mother to Emma (succeeded)

Type of Love Interest

Fashionsit Love Interest

Rachel Green is one of the main characters of the romantic comedy sitcom, Friends. She is best friends with Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay and is the mother of Emma Geller-Green. She is also the main love interest of Ross Geller.


Ross GellerEdit

Ross Geller is one of the main characters of the series and Rachel's main love interest.

Joey TribbianiEdit

Joey Tribbiani is one of the main characters of the series and Rachel's close friend and former boyfriend.

Barry FarberEdit

Barry Farbar is an orthodontist and is Rachel's ex-fiancé.

Joshua BurginEdit

Joshua Burgin is Rachel's client who she harbours immensely strong romantic feelings.

Paul StevensEdit

Paul Stevens is Rachel former love interest in the sixth season.

Gaven MitchellEdit

Haven Mitchell is Rachel's replacement at Ralph Lauren and possible love interest in the nineth season.

Tag JonesEdit

Tag Jones is Rachel's assistant and former love interest in the seventh season.


Paolo is Rachel's former boyfriend in the first season.


Russ is Rachel's brief love interest.



  • Rachel is portrayed by Jennifer Aniston.
  • Rachel gives birth to her daughter Emma in the season eight finale.
  • After the series ended, Jennifer Aniston confirmed that Ross and Rachel got remarried and are happily raising Emma together and have another child.

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