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Rachel is Peter Bretter's new girlfriend in the break-up comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


Rachel dropped out of high school and moved to Hawaii. She soon became a receptionist at a nearby resort. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Rachel met Peter, who had just been dumped by Sarah. Rachel takes pity on Peter having to witness his ex with her new boyfriend, so she offers him the resort's luxury suite.

Peter and Rachel bond over the course of the film. Peter begins to fall for Rachel, who convinces him to forget about his ex and enjoy single life. After diving off a cliff, Rachel suddenly kisses Peter and they start dating. When Rachel finds out that Peter almost slept with Sarah again, she gives him the cold shoulder. Peter makes it up to her by retreiving a nude photo of Rachel from a public bathroom. Six months later, Rachel travels to the mainland to patch things up with Peter.

Love RivalsEdit

Sarah MarshallEdit

Sarah was Peter's ex-girlfriend. Rachel initially tries to be friendly towards Sarah, but soon sees that she's actually quite shallow and self-centered.

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