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Combat Able Love Interest

Raven is the possible love interest of Garfield Logan from the Teen Titans series . She is the daughter of Trigon. She grew up in an alternate dimension called Azarath. She eventually joined the Teen Titans where she first met Garfield and Eventually Damian. She becomes good friends with Starfire.

Animated SeriesEdit

Teen TitansEdit

In the Teen Titans (2003) TV Series, Raven is known to have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with Beast Boy as they are complete opposites. Beast Boy has a comedic personality while Raven has a dark and quiet personality. While they tend to argue a lot because of their clashing personalities, they have a close relationship and truly care for another. While highly hinted there was always something more between Beast Boy and Raven their romance never developed any further due to the series cancellation, although it's likely they would have eventually gotten together as did Robin and Starfire.

Teen Titans Go!Edit

Raven also appeared in the Teen Titans Go animated series. She has a huge secret crush on Beast Boy. In "Terra-ized", she becomes very jealous of Terra and after she defeats Terra, she smiles at the thought of her and Beast Boy showing that she actually has romantic feelings for him.  In "Legs", Raven also shows feelings for Beast Boy when she shows him her legs. In "Be Mine", she comforts Beast Boy and she also admits her feelings to him at the Valentine's Day dance before Terra unleashes an assault and Raven tells Beast Boy that she didn't get a chance to express her feelings. In "Pirates", Raven had made Beast Boy and Aqua-lad fight over her to the death. After Beast Boy has won, she kisses him on the forehead showing that she loves him.

DC Animated Original MoviesEdit

Justice League vs Teen Titans Edit

Raven appeared in this movie. She bonds with Damian Wayne/Robin, seeing they are somewhat similar to one another. They show their fun side around each other in the fair and joke. They also calm each other in dark moments even during the fight with Trigon. Raven even sacrifices herself by turning herself over to prevent demons from harming Damian and in return Damian risks his life to rescue her.

Teen Titans: Judas Contract Edit

While there isn't much focus between Raven and Damian, it shown they remain close with each other, but still have yet to officially be romantically together. A potential relationship between Raven and Damian remains and share a moment together at the ending of the film when Raven presented Damian with a puppy.



Teen TitansEdit

Teen Titans Go!Edit

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