Rebecca 101 Dalmatians

Rebecca is a Dalmatian puppy from DeVil Ville in 101 Dalmatians: The Series. She is Lucky's second love interest in the series and another girlfriend of him, seen later near the series finale. She is only seen in the episode "DeVil-Age Elder" and is voiced by Kath Soucie.

Role in the seriesEdit

Rebecca lives with her mother and father as a carriage hound in DeVil Ville, a Renaissance town run by Judge Dimsdale De Vil, one of Cruella De Vil's ancestors, who was cruel and unfair to the citizens. One time, a witch named Hester Hen came to the town and cursed the town for it to only appear every 100 years, and for everyone to forever be happy. The only ones that didn't fall under the curse were chickens, Hester's favorite animal.

During a picnic, Roger and Anita ended up in DeVil Ville and were hypnotized to not want to leave, as well as the pups. While Lucky was hypnotized, he thought he fell in love with Rebecca, who was permanently happy as a result of the curse. Spot broke the curse on Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig by kissing them (since she was a chicken and not subject to the curse), and then kissed Rebecca. She then realized how cruel Dimsdale was, and helped the pups find him to save Roger and Anita from being imprisoned.

After the Dearlys were freed from the curse by Spot's kisses, the town began to vanish again. Although Lucky wanted Rebecca to come home with him, hinting some genuine affection, but she refuses because she had to protect her world from its wicked devil, as Lucky should be with his. Lucky then left the town with everyone else, and the pups had no memory of that day.


  • She somewhat resembles a spotted version of Oddball.
  • She is one of Lucky's three love interests in The Series, the other two being Two-Tone and Dumpling.
  • She speaks with a prominent Scottish accent.
  • She is the only Dalmatian to appear in the series to have no relation to Pongo or Perdita. Though it is popular belief that Rebecca's family might be the ancestors of the Dearly Dalmatians.