Red Cat
The red cat is the love interest of the flying cat in the 1957 Looney Tunes short, Go Fly a Kit. 

At the beginning of the short, a man watched as the red cat walks into the airport and climbs up a fence.  The steward explains she is waiting for her boyfriend, a cat that was able to fly because he was raised by a maternal eagle. 

The flying cat first meets the red cat running from Marc Anthony, a large bulldog.  The flying cat saves the red cat and the two fall in love.

Meanwhile, Marc Anthony tries various methods to defeat the flying cat, but is defeated when he seemingly traps the flying cat in a trash can and sits on it, only for the flying cat to fly the trash can onto a skyscraper antennae.  The flying cat and the red cat become boyfriend and girlfriend but the flying cat has to fly south for the winter.

At the end of the short, the flying cat returns and the two look at each other lovingly while four flying kittens appear, two red and two black.