Reggie Thistleton was captain of the R.A.F. during the Great War and Woodhouse's love interest in Archer.


Woodhouse and Reggie were friends at school together. Woodhouse developed romantic feelings for Reggie, but was too shy to act on them. The two served together into the final years of the Great War. Reggie encouraged his fellow pilots to contribute a tontine.

Shortly after the tontine, Reggie's plane was shot down. Woodhouse found him alive. The two bonded in that time and Woodhouse nearly musteres up the courage to express his feelings for Reggie. Reggie asked for a cigarette, but the flare from Woodhouse's lighter alerted some enemy snipers and Reggie was shot. Woodhouse went berserk and killed the sniper and his allies. He was discharged and spent the next few years grieving for Reggie.


  • Woodhouse owns a pet lemur named "Reggie" that he occasionaly converses with.
  • Apparently Woodhouse wasn't the only man in their squadron with an attraction to Reggie, as a fellow officer screamed "I'm coming Reggie" right before dying.
  • Reggie was briefly mentioned in the first season of Archer, but wasn't shown until the second.

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