Rina Toin is one of the main characters of the anime and manga series Mermaid Melody. She is the Princess of the North Atlantic Ocean and is the Keeper of the Green Pearl. She is also the main love interest of Masahiro Hamasaki.


Although Rina first appeared to be rather cold and emotionless when first meeting her, Rina is soon revealed to be kind, caring and loyal once understanding her better. Rina is shown to be the most mature of the Mermaid Princesses and is known to act as a big sister to Lucia and Hanon and is always there to listen whenever any of them are troubled by something. Rina is also cautious and a deep thinker whenever dangers threaten the ocean, the Mermaid Princesses or any other abnormal occurrence.

Rina is also known to be secretive as she doesn't talk about herself much or reveal details of her past. Rina is also shown to be very protective of her friends as she will do anything to try and save them, but can also feel very guilty and blame herself if something bad happens to them such as when follow Mermaid Princess Noelle sacrificed herself so that Rina could escape from Gaito's minions. Originally, Rina had no interest in finding love for herself, but it's been shown several times throughout the anime that many boys have been attracted to Rina. However, when Rina began to fall in love with Masahrio Hamasaki, Rina was shown to constantly blush whenever she sees him or if they are ever alone together.


While Rina is a mermaid she has the power to become a human, but instantly becomes a mermaid again again whenever she comes into contact with water. In her Human form, Rina has grey/purple eyes and dark green hair. In her Mermaid form, Rina's eyes are light green and her hair turns into a lighter green colour and gains a mermaid's tail. She also wears a green sea shell bra, gold bracelets on both her wrists and wears earrings. When she transforms into her Idol Forms, she wears long sleeveless green dresses with long green gloves that go up to near her shoulders. Whenever Rina is in either her Human, Mermaid or Idol forms, constantly wears a green shell necklace that contains her green pearl which is the source of her powers. When Rina is attending school on the surface, she doesn't wear the female students uniforms and wears the male uniform instead. The uniform consets of a white shirt and blue jeans and she also carries a white/blue bag.


Rina rules the underwater kingdom in the North Atlantic Ocean and has the power to transform into a special Idol Form using her Green Pearl. However, the ocean soon started to become endangered as several mermaid kingdoms were being attacked. Rina eventually met fellow Mermaid Princess, Noelle and they started to work together. However, when Rina's kingdom was attacked, Rina and Noelle tried to escape but were ambushed. Rina was almost captured, but Noelle pushed Rina out of the way and sacrificed herself to save Rina so she could escape. Ever since, Rina went to live on the surface to avoid the danger, but has also felt guilty for what happened to Noelle, but becomes determined to rescue and seek revenge on those who captured her.

During her time on the surface, Rina meets Lucia and Hanon, the Mermaid Princesses of the North Pacific and South Atlantic Oceans and works together with them to defeat Gaito and rescue the kidnapped Mermaid Princesses. However, Rina didn't trust Kaito Domoto as she believed he was Gaito in disguise, unaware that Kaito and Gaito are twin brothers who were separated at birth, but eventually comes to trust and befriend him. Later, after stopping Gaito, Rina, Lucia and Hanon begin to face a new enemy, Mikeru, an ancient Angel who wanted to destroy humanity. During this time, Rina had also found herself falling in love with the human Masahiro Hamasaki, but is conflicted with her feelings towards him as she knows at some point she must return to rule her underwater kingdom.


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When Rina and Masahiro first met, Rina was having a hard time as she received a letter from her home kingdom, asking for her return. Rina was conflicted about returning as she didn't want to upset Lucia and Hanon as they were already upset with the departure of Kaito and Tarou. However, unknown to Rina when she was reading the letter, a young man was nearby and saw her and became worried upon seeing she was crying while reading the letter. Eventually, Rina soon become aware of his presents and left before they officially got to meet each other or learn the other's names. However, the next day Rina soon met the young man again on their way to their respective high schools and he approached her, expressing her relief that she was alright. Rina remembered him from the day before and started to blush, but didn't get the chance to learn his name as he had already left for school.

Later, Rina had met him again as he noticed Rina attempting to go into the river and pushed away. Since then, Rina and the young man had met each other again several times later and had eventually come to learn each other's names as Rina discovered his name to be Masahiro Hamasaki. During her time with him, Masahiro helped Rina to decide if whether or not she return to rule her kingdom. Eventually it was thanks to Masahiro that Rina decided to remain with Lucia and Hanon while at the same time, Rina had developed strong romantic feelings for Masahiro and eventually had deeply fallen in love with him.

Since first meeting each other, Rina and Masahiro got to learn more about each other as Rina learned of Masahiro's interests in motorcycling and amateur boxing while Masahiro began to slowly learn more about Rina such as her love for comedy. Masahiro is also shown to be openly honest about his feelings for Rina as he constantly flirts with whenever they are alone together, but he can be quite nervous in expressing his feelings at times as he still hadn't been able to properly admit to Rina that he truly loves her and doesn't simply have a crush on her.

Rina and Masahiro are also shown to be rather similar to each other. Both can be quite secretive about their personal lives such as how Rina didn't reveal details about her true identity as a mermaid, while Masahiro wouldn't reveal personal details about himself such as why he does motorcycling, boxing or even details regarding his family. Eventually, they both start to become more open towards each other as they begin to further develop their relationship. It's also shown that Rina and Masahiro's feelings for each other are quite obvious as Lucia and Hanon immediately realized the love in the relationship and show their support while also constantly teasing Rina.

However, Rina feels conflicted towards her feelings for Masahiro, realizing that although she is in love with him, she believes they can't develop their relationship any further, knowing at some point she must return to the North Atlantic Ocean kingdom. At one point, Rina tried to break off their relationship, believing that they will only become more heartbroken if they become more closer and tried to make easier for them to let go once returns to the sea. Eventually, Rina learns to overcome this issue as she realizes that she can't keep denying of her true love for Masahiro despite what may happen in the future, after nearly losing him. Due to the event, Rina finally realizes how important Masahiro truly is to her, thus allowing Rina and Masahiro to officially have a real romantic relationship together.

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  • Rina's best known songs are Star Jewel and Piece of Love.
  • Rina is said to be the most mature out of all the Mermaid Princesses.
  • Rina loves comedy as she enjoys watching comedy shows on her TV.
  • Rina didn't like Kaito when they first met as he reminded her of Gaito.
  • She likes the color green, but she hates black.

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