Rita Leeds is the love interest of Michael Bluth in the third season of Arrested Development.


Rita is a mentally retarded female (MRF) from England. Michael is instantly smitten with her, not noticing her mental handicap due to her beauty or her accent. Rita is an orphan, but her parents left her a large inheritance.

In order to save face, Michale tells Rita he doesn't have a family. Michael's family then kidnap Rita and try to impress her. When that backfires, they drug her and leave her at a bus stop. Michael eventually figures out what happened and tries to make it up to Rita.

As Michael and Rita get closer, a sinister man warns Rita about the consequences of her actions. While it seems as if Rita is a mole for the British embassy trying to expose the Bluth family, the truth is that the man is just her uncle trying to keep her out of trouble. 

Michael proposes to Rita, still oblivious to her retardation. Rita's uncle locks her in, but she escapes and rns away with Michael to a motel. George-Michael sees Rita eating some plastic fruit and realises that there's something wrong with her. He tells Michael, which leaves Michael feeling guilty about his decision to marry a woman who can't make adult decisions. The other Bluths discover Rita's inheritance and try to rush the two into getting married. Michael figures out their ulterior motives ad announces that wants to break off the engagement. Rita then goes back to England.

Arrested Development Love Interests

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