Rita Malone

Rita Malone is Roddy's love interest and later girlfriend from the 2006 animated film, Flushed Away. She also works the drains in her faithful boat, the Jammy Dodger. Roddy first met her after Roddy entered the sewer city. The two decided to work together. When her archenemy, the Toad and his sinister rat henchmen, Spike and Whitey think Rita had stolen back his father's prized ruby, he decided to make a hateful obsession as he plans to freeze them with liquid nitrogen. Roddy thinks the ruby is a fake and decided to break it only to enrage Rita, but Roddy offers her a real ruby if she takes him back to Kensington. After the chase, the Toad sends for his long lost French cousin, Le Frog. After the Jammy Dodger is destroyed, Roddy pays her the promised ruby and an emerald and Rita gives Roddy the grand tour of her house. Roddy then tells her that he is single. The two begin a romantic relationship, but Rita leaves and she is then captured by the Toad. Roddy manages to head back to the sewer and save Rita. After the Toad begins his evil plan, Roddy and Rita defeat the Toad and freeze the wave of sewage generated by the flushing of countless toilets during half-time with liquid nitrogen before it drowns the entire rat population. Towards the end of the film, Rita and Roddy build the Jammy Dodger Mark Two as she and Roddy became a couple. She is voiced by Kate Winslet.