Love Interest

Full Name









Immense lust, seduction, charisma


Recruiting young women for Boris


Be with Kristen forever as his vampire bride

Type of Love Interest

Interspecies Love Interest, Love Interests Who Have Been Lied To, Sexy Love Interest

Robert was a male vampire and one of the antagonists in Supernatural season 6. He was played by Charlie Carrick. He was also the Love Interest of Kristen.


He was a fairly young vampire as he was much younger than the the Old Man or the Alpha Vampire. Before the episode, he met Kristen online and he fell in love with her and she did with him. They arranged to meet in a pub for making out.


Kristen was at the pub, having lied about her age to get in, when Robert appeared. Robert had been hanging around waiting for her to enter. When he saw her he instantly fell in love with her and he pledged her love and she did with him. Being both sexy lustful teenagers who flunked college for fame, they fell for each other.

Robert revealed himself as a vampire when he got hungry at Kristen getting a papercut and also revealed his fangs. At which point Kristen fell for him even more, as he had hoped, and Kristen asked if being transformed would hurt. Robert said he'd protect her always and could never hurt her.

As they left the bar, Kristen asked if Robert had glitter at his place. Robert took her to an abandoned warehouse and then Kristen got all horny and began to strip but Boris the lead vampire jumped out and converted Kristen.

Robert later protected Kristen, just as he promised, into recruiting other humans. Robert and Kristen made out but then Dean Winchester, who had been bitten and was now a vampire, went rogue and killed the other vampires, including Kristen and her lover Robert.


Although he was a vampire, Robert had some redeeming features, including the fact that he had never actually killed any humans for fun and he only drank blood from blood banks. He was charismatic, sexy and polite, and he wasn't a feral monster like the others. He honestly did love Kristen and would die for her, as did happen. Presumably he makes out with her still in Purgatory.


As a tribute to their love, Kristen and Robert went to Purgatory upon their deaths, and they presumably make out there to this day.

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