Robert Philip
is the deuteragonist of the 2009 Disney movie, Enchanted. He is a divorce attorney who doesn't believe in happy endings or true love after his wife left him.



When Robert meets Giselle, he is annoyed by her belief that those things do exist, and tries to teach her that no relationship is ever perfect. However, she still tries to convince him that not to take the one he loves for granted and that he must show her that he loves her. By exchanging their ideals honestly, Giselle starts to bring him out of his shell after they spend a day in the park and have a meal that night. Robert is sad to see her go when Edward comes for her and encourages her to find him if she ever visits New York again.

At this time, his feelings for Giselle have changed, and his beliefs change as well. He eventually wakes Giselle up from Narissa's curse with true loves kiss. At the end, he and Giselle get married, and live happily ever after together in New York.

Nancy TremaineEdit

Robert is planning on proposing to Nancy at the begginning of the film. The two had been in a relationship for about 5 years. However, the morning of the day he was planning on proposing, she sees Giselle on top of Robert coming out of the bathroom, and believed Robert had an affair, and leaves. Robert is upset at Giselle for this. 

After Giselle asked a pair of doves to give her a bouquet from Robert and his invitation to go to the King and Queen's Ball, she came around, and came to rather like this new spontaneous and romantic side of Robert she hadn't seen yet.

However, when she realizes that Robert loves Giselle, she lets him be with her, and she goes on to marry Edward.