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Rose is the love interest of Dr. Bill Capa, along with all his patients in the thriller Color of Night.


When she was young, Rose witnessed the suicide of her younger brother Richie. Unable to cope with the loss, her brother Dale forced her to impersonate Richie in order to fill the void, abusing Rose in the process so as to subdue her identity.



Rose as Richie

After being arrested for drug possession, Rose - under the guise of Richie - was sent to mandatory therapy, where she met Dr. Capa and his patients. As Richie, she had a severe stutter, antisocial tendencies and gender identity issues. Capa's therapy managed to get through to her and her Rose persona began to emerge.

Rose then began having relationships with Capa and the other patients. Her brother Dale, however, still hadn't come to terms with Richie's death and murdered anyone who got too close to her. Eventually, Dr. Capa figured out the history of the three siblings and came to stop Dale from hurting his sister any further. When Dale tries to kill Capa, Rose shoots him in the head with a nailgun. Horrified at what she'd done, Rose tries to commit suicide, only to be called back by Capa.


Dr. Bill CapaEdit

Dr. Capa was Rose's therapist while she was impersonating Richie. Capa had a calming effect on Rose, making her feel comfortable with her femininity. Eventually Rose was able to reassume her true identity and start having a love affair with Capa, who knew nothing about her and found her mystery alluring.

Capa soon figures out that Rose and Richie are connected somehow and traces her back to their mother, who mentions their brother Dale. Capa finds Rose - as Richie - being held hostage by Dale and he reaches out to her. When Dale tries to kill Capa, Rose stops her brother by killing him. Capa then saves her from committing suicide.

The PatientsEdit

After rediscovering herself, Rose took on a more seductive personality and had various affairs with her fellow patients. To all of them she was an enigmatic muse that brought out a whole different side to them. When Dale found out that his sister had stopped acting like a Richie, he went about killing all of them.

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