Rose Oritz
Rose Ortiz is Love Interest of Mack Hartford from Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive.

Her StoryEdit

She was a student at a University in London. She was called by Mack's father, Andrew Hartford to come at the Hartford Mansion along with Will, Dax and Ronny.

She became the Pink Overdrive Ranger as she takes down Flurious's monsters after Mack became the Red Overdrive Ranger. She has gained the power of invisibility.

She was once transformed into a pirate after being friends with Brownbeard the pirate.

She then meets Tyzonn after Tyzonn was freed from being a monster as he became the Mercury Ranger.

It is hinted that she has romantic feelings for Mack, and they are a couple yet.

At the end of the series, Rose goes back to teaching with Mack.

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