'Rosemary Telesco is the love interest of Gabe Burton in the 2005 film Little Manhattan.

Little Manhattan Gabe and Rosemary love

She was played by Charlie Ray.

She and Gabe were friends since Kindergarten. But since Gabe is the main narrator of the movie he said an iron curton came down with boys and girls on different sides and Gabe didn't see her unitll she came to Karate class with him and they both became sparing partners and Rosemary got herself a yellow belt. She and Gabe went to go look for an appartment for Gabe's father since Gabe's mother and father were about to break up. Soon she tells Gabe she'll be going to her aunt's wedding and she would be going to camp for six weeks and won't come back till the end of summer and she'd be going to private school. Gabe even had a dream where he and Rosemary were together. But when they came back to Karate class they got switched with different sparing partners. Rosemary got Tim Staples (which made Gabe jealous.) and Gabe got David Betanahu.  Later Rosemary and her parents invited Gabe to the Carlyle Hotel to see a performer sing a song about love. After that Gabe kissed Rosemary which made him feel weird. Back at Karate class Gabe had to get Rosemary back by testing for his yellow belt but he hurt his rist at a failed and painful attempt to break a wooden board.

When Rosemary called Gabe on the phone to ask him about his rist and telling him about the wedding and camp she and Gabe got into a huge argument by saying they hate each other then Gabe started crying very badly until two days later he came to the wedding to tell her he really loves her. But she tells Gabe she's only eleven (and Gabe is ten and three quaters years old.) and she's not really ready to fall in love. But she's really happy Gabe came. She asked Gabe for a dance and Gabe said Sure what the hell. 

As they danced Gabe said he and Rosemary were in different paths in Sheep Meadow.