Ruby is Max's big sister and Rintoo's love interest. She has the ability to fly. In her superhero form, she wears a white shirt with a pink line down, yellow belt, sky blue short tights, boots with the yellow pattern and gloves, a cape (sky blue in the outside and pink in the inside) it is also a reverseable cape.


Purple shirt with a yellow dress with flower patterns (season 1 and 2)

Pink Dress (Season 3-present)


flight (normal, Kitana, Michelle Chang, gymnast, bedtime, Julia Chang, princess, Natsu, other outfits)

flight, super strength, super speed, agility, durabilty, stamina, heat vision, ice breath, lase vision, x ray vision, longevity, super hearing, healing and healing factor (Superhero form)

flight, durabilty, super strength, speed, healing (As Wonder Ruby)

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