Ruth is a character from the Nickolodeon show, Hey ArnoldArnold has a crush on her. 

She first appears in Operation Ruthless, where Arnold sees her, and falls for her right away. Arnold tries to get close to her, but fails to even talk to her, as Helga messed up all his plans. She appeared in a few other episodes, where Arnold tries to impress her, to be with her, but never manages to do so.

In Valentine's Day, Arnold manages to get a blind date with her. Ruth treats Arnold with attitude throughout the episode, and eventually falls for a waiter instead and leaves with him. Arnold realizes that he didn't really know much about Ruth and let his feelings get the best of him. He realizes that he and Ruth were never meant to be. He then stops chasing her. Eventually he replaces his love for Ruth with a girl named Lila Sawyer

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