Sally Watson is a minor character of the BBC comedy drama mystery series, Death in Paradise. She is the biological daughter of Diana Watson and step-daughter of Mike Watson. She is a suspect in the murder of her step-sister Lisa Watson and is the main love interest of Adam Fairs.


When Sally was younger, her mother Diana met and married Mike Watson and she gained a stepsister in Lisa Watson. Since then they grew up together and Sally lived a wealthy happy life with her family, being her only concern was her mother's overbearing controlling nature and obsession with money. A year prior to the series, Sally was engaged to be married. However, her parents, mainly her mother Diana wasn't trusting of her fiancé and believing him to be a gold digger offered him money to leave alongside Mike who was hoping he reject the offer. However, Sally's fiancé took the money from her parents and broke off the engagement. Since then, Sally has blamed her parents for ruining her relationship and has never forgiven them, although she appears to be more angry at her mother than her step-father. Sometime later, Sally managed to move on and later began a relationship with Adam Fairs, the best friend to her soon to be brother in law, Darren Moore. Sally and Adam kept their relationship a secret from her family, in fear they would drive Adam away just like with her ex-fiancé due to Adam's fiancal problems.

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Adam FairsEdit

Adam Fairs is suspect in the murder of Lisa Watson and is Sally's secret main love interest.

Unnamed Ex-FiancéEdit

Sally's former fiancé.


  • She is the sister-in-law of Darren Moore.