Sakuno Ryuzaki is the love interest of Ryoma Echizen from The Prince of Tennis. Her crush on Ryoma is clear, she hasn't had a chance to really tell him due to her own shy nature. Ryoma has kindness to her and Sakuno has returned her feelings to Ryoma. However, there are small interactions between her and Ryoma which causes her relationship to blossom, but Ryoma doesn't picks up on these hints as Sakuno feels embarrassed. He has rescued Sakuno from bullies to show that he loves her. He also successfully saved her from a bear (who was actually a thief in disguise). He has also coached her and Tomoka in tennis. He also gives her advice on her tennis playing. She sometimes worries about Ryoma and the others. She is attracted towards Ryoma and has feelings for him. She is shown to have a crush on Ryoma throughout the series.

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