Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura Kinomoto (also known as Sakura Avalon in the English Dub) is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series Cardcaptor Sakura. She is also the main love interest of Syaoran Li.


Syaoran LiEdit

When Sakura and Syaoran first met, they didn't get along as they were both rivals in becoming the new master of the Clow Cards. Syaoran believed himself to be more worthy of being the new Master and ultimately believed he was superior to Sakura. Since their first meeting, he constantly criticised Sakura efforts in capturing the Cards, making her feel worthless and greatly shaking confidence in herself. However slowly as the series progress, Syaoran and Sakura eventually start to become friends and allies to each other. They begin to open up more to each other as they both confess they harbour romantic feelings for Yukito and become more civil when capturing the Clow Cards. Later towards the end of the first season, Syaoran's feelings for Sakura began to change and he started to develop romantic feelings for her, but was somewhat oblivious of his growing feelings. However, as he slowly started to realize his feelings, he also became conflicted regarding the romantic feelings he held for Yukito. Sakura and Syaoran's friendship is shown to have come full circle as when Sakura became the new master of the Clow Cards, Syaoran gave a smile and congratulates Sakura despite his failure.

Eventually in the final season, Syaoran finally realizes he has fallen in love with Sakura and never felt any real feelings towards Yukito, discovering he was only attracted to Yukito due to his strong moon powers. Once Syaoran realizes his true feelings for Sakura, he constantly begins to blush whenever he is around her and becomes extremely jealous when he sees her together with Eriol, believing him to be a rival. However, Syaoran is too shy and nervous to confess his love to Sakura, but Tomoyo quickly discovers his feelings and becomes his confidante, always encouraging him to admit his true romantic feelings. Sakura is shown to be completely oblivious about Syaoran's feelings towards her, due to her own romantic feelings for Yukiko. Throughout the season, Syaoran constantly keeps trying to confess his love to Sakura, but is repeatedly interrupted everytime he tries to tell her or is still to nervous to admit how he really feels.

Syaoran's love for Sakura is proven to incredibly strong as Syaoran cares more about Sakura's feelings and well being before his own. When Sakura became heartbroken upon being rejected by Yukito, Syaoran comforted Sakura despite his own feelings for her. He assured Sakura and allowed her to cry while he continued to comfort her. Due to this event, Syaoran had almost decided not to confess his love for Sakura, believing it would only trouble and hurt her more. However, Tomoyo encouraged Syaoran to admit his feelings, assuring that while it may shock her, Sakura would carefully think about his confession and give a proper reply to his feelings.

Eventually, before the final episode, Syaoran finally confesses his long hidden love to Sakura. Several days afterwards, Sakura is shown to still be completely shocked from Syaraon's confession and everyone notices her change in behaviour. Since discovering the truth about his true feelings for her, Sakura is conflicted as she begins to seriously consider how she really feels about him. However, much to Sakura's surprise, Syaoran has decided to return to Hong Kong as all the Clow cards have been converted into Sakura cards and the strange occurrences have finally ended. Upon learning of his departure, Sakura is devastated, but surprisingly it causes her to create a new Sakura card, due to her strong feelings. The creation of the Nameless Card finally makes Sakura realize she is in love with Syaoran, seeing how much he truly means to her and hurries to the airport to confess her love. However, she is still too nervous to confess her feelings to Syaoran, but Syaoran gives her a handmade teddy bear he made previously in the season as it symbolises his true love for Sakura. Sakura accepts the teddy bear and they both promise to see each other again.

In the second movie, taking place four months after the final episode, Sakura's love for Syaoran has grown incredibly and deeply strong as she has finally and fully come to terms with her true love for him. She strongly wishes to finally confess her love to Syaoran, wanting to reunite and reveal her feelings to him in person. However, much to Sakura's surprise and shock, Syaoran and Meiling return to visit Japan and reunite with Sakura and Tomoyo. It's revealed that Meiling and Tomoyo secretly arranged the trip to reunite Sakura and Syaoran so that Sakura can finally confess her feelings to him. Sakura and Syaoran reunited in the newly constructed amusement park and bump into each other as Sakura was sensing a strange and familiar presence.

Since their arrival, Meiling begins purposely leaving Sakura and Syaoran alone together, giving Sakura several opportunities to confess her love to him. When Sakura invites Meiling and Syaoran to have dinner at her home, Meiling excuses herself to give Syaoran and Sakura time alone together. Although shocked and really nervous, Syaoran and Sakura arrive at her home and Sakura begins to make tea and sweets to relax. When Syaoran accidently knocks over the sugar, their hands collide and both begin to heavily blush. Sakura and Syaoran's feelings intensify the moment and Sakura begins to confess her feelings. However, Sakura and Syaoran are suddenly interrupted by Kero's arrival, ruining Sakura's first chance to admit her feelings to Syaoran. Later, after dinner and when Kero leaves, Sakura once again tries to tell Syaoran her true feelings and are once again interrupted by the arrival of Toya and Yukito. Syaoran then decides to leave, but as he is leaving, Sakura remains determined to reveal her feelings to him during his visit.

Throughout the next several days while preparing for the Nadeshiko festival play, Sakura keeps trying to tell Syaoran her feelings, but they are always interrupted while unknown to Sakura, the Sakura cards begin to disappear. Later as Sakura and the group are walking home from school, Sakura and Syaoran have another moment alone together and Sakura again tries to confess to him, but are interrupted by Toya's appearance, ruining the moment. The next day, everyone has gathered together at the newly constructed Tomeda amusement park. Meiling and Tomoyo thought of the idea together, believing it's the perfect place for Sakura to finally confess her love to Syaoran, having failed to reveal her feelings since their arrival. Later, after going on several rides, Meiling decides their next destination will be a Ferris wheel and instructs Sakura and Syaoran to take a cart together, once again giving Sakura a chance to confess her love.

Sakura grows nervous, but once again begins to tell Syaoran how she really feels about him. However, the moment is soon interrupted when Sakura notices several of the Sakura cards leave her bag and fly out. Sakura and Syaoran leave the Ferris wheel and discover they have sensed another Clow card. They discover the presence in a house of mirrors and while they try to fight it, it begins to take more of the Sakura cards while also making Sakura realize several of them have already disappeared.

Sakura receives news from Eriol, discovering information about the newly surfaced Clow Card. Eriol reveals the existence of the Nothing Card, revealing it was created to maintain the positive magic with negative magic and it contains tremendous power with all the cards combined. Eriol further warns of the dangerous power's it possesses, warning it can make objects and people disappear. Eriol instructs Sakura to seal the card and convert it to a Sakura Card to maintain the magical balance, but sadly informs Sakura of the sacrifice she must make. She must sacrifice the most important feeling to her, meaning: Sakura must sacrifice her love for Syaoran. Sakura is devastated and there is apparently no other way to stop the Card. Sakura informs Syaoran of the news and while both are deeply upset, Syaoran reveals there is no other way and it's for the greater good to save everyone, leaving Sakura completely heartbroken and runs away crying.

The next day after another attack from the Nothing card, Sakura's classmate Takashi Yamazaki is injured, meaning he can't perform and forces Syaoran to take the role of the Prince in the play. During the play, Sakura and Syaoran's love intensives as they share a romantic dance together and their roles as the Prince and Princess confess they have fallen in love with each other despite thr war between their two kingdoms. However, the performance is suddenly interrupted when the Nothing Card once again attacks, this time causing the audience to disappear, including Sakura's friends and family. Sakura and Syaoran begin to work together to defeat the Nothing card once and for all. However, fighting the card begins increasingly difficult as soon Tomoyo, Meiling, Kero and Yue all disappear, including the last of Sakura's card, leaving only Sakura and Syaoran to fight the card alone. Believing she is now all alone, Sakura confronts the Nothing card over it's actions, revealing she had taken the Sakura cards due to her loneliness and is saddened when she believes they hate her. However, understanding the Nothing Cards loneliness, Sakura assures it and asks it to join her and the other cards. Sakura begins to seal the Nothing Card and is disappointed that she never told Syaoran how she really felt.

However, Syaoran is revealed to be the one who will lost his most important feeling as he has more magical powers left due to Sakura using most of her powers while fighting the Nothing Card. Syaoran assures her that while he may have to sacrifice his love for her to save everyone, he will fall in love with Sakura all over again, but still leaves Sakura devastated. However during the process the Nothing Card and the Nameless Card Sakura created in the finale of the TV series, merge together and becomes the Hope Card. Despite the circumstances, Sakura gains hope and finally confesses to Syaoran she has fallen in love with him and is the most important person to her. Much to Sakura's surprise, Syaoran reveals he feels the same ways towards her, revealing the creation of the Hope Card stopped the process, allowing Syaoran to keep his love for Sakura. While the Cards effects disappear, returning everyone and everything to Tomeda, Sakura is utterly delighted and runs into the air and jumps into Syaoran's arms, despite his protests for her safety. Sakura once again declares her love to Syaoran as the movie comes to an end.

Yukito TsukishiroEdit

Throughout the series, Sakura is revealed to secretly be in love with Toya's best friend, Yukito.


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