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Sally Carrera is the tritagonist and Lightning McQueen's love interest in "Cars" and a main supporting character in "Cars 2". She is the district lawyer of Radiator Springs. She is voiced by Bonnie Hunt.
Cars 1

Lightning McQueen first met Sally when he was in court being trialed for destroying the town's main road. He notices Sally, and takes an interest in her right away, by asking Mater who she is. 

In the court Lightning is first told by the judge, Doc Hudson, that he doesn't have to fix the road, however Sally convinces Doc that Lightning should stay and fix the road as "the town needs this." After Sally tells Lightning he needs to stay and fix the road (the town and Doc backing her up) he is sentenced to community service and is instantly annoyed at Sally. 

Later on, Sally invites Lightning to stay at her hotel called The Cozy Cone, Lightning is keen to stay and takes up her request. It is also here where Sally is embarrassed after Lightning spots her tattoo, causing her to embarrass herself further by knocking over a stack of cones when backing into her hotel lobby; Lightning finds it funny. 

After that, Mater tells Lightning he's taking him tractor tipping tonight; to which after some convincing, Lightning accepts. On their return trip Mater and Lightning speak about Sally, and Lightning says "Sally's going to let me stay at the motel." To which Mater replies with a smirk "Ah, getting cozy at the cone is we?" After Mater and Lightning discuss Sally further, Mater comes to the conclusion that Lightning has a crush on Sally, and Lightning doesn't argue with his friends judgement. Sally overhears the whole conversation about Lightning crushing on her, but remains silent. 

Lightning goes to cone number one to stay that night, where Sally comes and speaks to Lightning. She tells him that "I over heard you talking to Mater." Lightning is concerned that Sally heard he has a crush on her, and so he says "Oh, when, just... just now? What did, what did you hear?" Sally decides to lie by saying "Nothing, just something about a helicopter ride." 

The next day, Sally offers Lightning to go for a drive with her, when the town are worried about her decision, Sally states "I trust him" to which, McQueen smiles. He goes for the drive, and he begins to see the beauty of life. Lightning then really likes Sally, and the two become very attracted to each other. They talk about Sally's past and they talk about the history of Radiator Springs.

Before the big race, Lightning decides to surprise Sally, by lighting the town up in neon and the two cruise down the highstreet, however, their perfect night is soon put to an end as reporters and media flock the town and remove Lightning and take him to race in California.Just before he is taken away, Sally and McQueen talk for a brief moment, Sally is upset and mistaken, thinking he called them to come and find him, she tells him "Good luck in California, I hope you find what you're looking for."

After Lightning races, at the end of the film, Lightning returns to Sally, and the two are happy to be reunited. They are about to kiss, but are interrupted by Mater.

Cars 2

In Cars 2, Sally is a side character, and therefore she doesn't have as much to do or say. But there are some moments worth noting;

At the beginning of the movie, Sally is reunited with McQueen and they go out for a date at Wheel Well, which is now re opened and buzzing with life. During their meal, McQueen and Sally watch a report on the World Grand Prix, and we meet the character Francesco, who Sally is very fond of. When Sally talks about Francesco's "open wheels" McQueen is noticeably jealous.

After an argument between Francesco and McQueen, encouragement from friends and Miles Axelrod, McQueen decides to go and take part in the World Grand Prix. Firstly, he is not going to bring along Mater, however, after some persuasion from Sally, he lets his best friend tag along.

Although Sally is not included in this scene, it's worth a mention. At the party, McQueen and Francesco speak again. Mater also shows up to join in their tense conversation. Francesco and McQueen squabble over Sally, with Francesco saying he's going to "dedicate my win tomorrow to Miss Sally." A jealous Lightning replies "I already dedicated my win tomorrow to her,if we both do it - it's really not that special, besides I don't even have a drink."

Nearer the end of the movie, Sally gets her next appearance in London, When Mater has gone missing, McQueen wants to drop out of the London race, however, Sally encourages him to take part, stating that "Mater would want you to race."

Her final proper appearance is at the Radiator Springs Grand Prix, before the race commences, Lightning introduces Francesco to Sally. After their meeting, Sally tells Lighting "He's really not that good looking," Lightning, not believing it, says "Yeah, nice try."

"I'm being serious!" She replies

"That's why I love you, Sally."

Mater And The Ghostlight

In Mater and The Ghostlight, McQueen and Sally are together in Flo's.

Hiccups, Cars Toon Episode

In Hiccups, Sally kisses Lightning to cure his hiccups.


She is sarcastic and witty which is evident when she playfully called Lightning McQueen "Stickers."

She also has a nurturing trait to her, as she wants to see the town succeed and help it grow.

She is kind and intelligent.


  • Sally Carrera is Lightning McQueen's love interest in the first film and in the sequel girlfriend.
  • Sally Carrera is the attorney and the owner of the Cozy Cone.
  • She is voiced by Bonnie Hunt who voiced Judy's mother from Zootopia.
  • In Cars Toons Episode: "Hiccups", Sally kisses Lightning to cure his hiccups.

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