Sam Parker
Sam Parker is the deuteragonist and love interest of Chris McCormick from the 2002 comedy horror film, Eight Legged Freaks. She is played by Kari Wuhrer.


She is the single mother of Mike and Ashley and a Sheriff in Prosperity, Arizona. She is first seen punishing Mike for visiting Joshua, the Spider Farmer that Mike is forbidden to go to while she and Deputy Pete Williams investigated the barrel of toxic waste out of the pond. She first meets Chris after Chris standed up against the proposition of Wade the owner of the mall. Chris sparks a romance with Sam. She finds out that all of the pets, including Pete's cat and Chris' Aunt Gladys' dog were eaten up by the Giant Spiders led by Consuela. She is convinced as Chris and Mike are delusional. She broadcasts the biggest threat over the radio before she, Chris, Mike and Ashley escaped the Trailer from a giant Tarantula. She and Chris allowed everybody including Mike, Ashley, Harlan, and Pete to enter the mall. However, the Spiders entered the mall and land in some bushes as Chris, Sam and the others had to go through the mines to find the survivors, they freed Wade and Chris had found his Aunt Gladys, still alive. Chris battled Consuela before Aunt Gladys used her perfume to distract Consuela and he and Aunt Gladys escaped before all of the giant spiders were destroyed by the explosion in the mines. Chris and Aunt Gladys survived the blast and the police and the firefighters arrive to see the incident. Towards the end of the film, she and Chris began a romantic relationship as Sam returns her feelings to Chris before Harlan broadcasts the entire incident.

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