Sarah is Joe's love interest in the satire film Team America: World Police.


Sarah is part of Team America, the enforcers of the American way. She specialises in clairvoyancy, though her capability in this is debatable as she's a little dense and only points out the blindingly obvious. Like her teammates, Sarah is single-minded and cares only about wiping out terrorists, regardless of the collateral damage she may inflict.



Joe is one of Sarah's teammates. He's had a crush on her for sometime but is too shy to approach her. When Joe found out that Sarah was attracted to Gary, he sank into a depression and went into a suicide mission. After the team was captured by Kim Jong-il, Gary rescued them and Sarah decided to give Joe a chance.

Gary JohnstonEdit

Sarah found herself attracted to the new recruit Gary. Gary doesn't seem too interested though, as he met Lisa shortly afterwards and became instantly smitten.

Love RivalsEdit


Sarah and Lisa are close friends. After Sarah realised her growing attraction to Gary, she confided in Lisa about this, not suspecting that she might also have feelings for him. When Sarah found out that Lisa slept with Gary, their friendship soured. After getting kidnapped by Kim Jong-il, Lisa is carried off to witness the destruction of the western world. Sarah realises their friendship is bigger than who they're attracted to and tells Lisa she still considers her a friend.

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