Sarah Connor is the love interest and later the wife of Kyle Reese from Terminator Genisys. She is portrayed by Emilia Clarke.


After Kyle Reese was sent to 1984. Sarah first meets him and takes him along with Pops while escaping from the T-1000. After the T-800 is destroyed and the T-1000 is destroyed, Pops allows her and Kyle to enter 2017 to prevent judgement day and destroy Skynet. They meet John Connor and discover that he has been transformed into a T-3000 Terminator. After Pops took him down, the three escape, but John has tracked them down to the safe house. The three manage to escape by stealing a school bus, but John catches them on the Golden Gate Bridge, Pops had saved her and Kyle, but the three were arrested and were taken in for interrogation. However, they were helped by Detective O'Brien who remember them from 1984. The three enter the Skynet building to confront John. She and Kyle rigged the building with explosives while Pops sacrificed himself in the pool of polyalloy and John is finally destroyed. She and Kyle realized they are going to be killed, but Pops is fixed and upgraded by the Mimetic polyalloy. Towards the end of the film, she shares a kiss with Kyle as she returns her feelings to him as she still chooses to be with him before the three drive off.