Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 6 1B Textless
Saturn Girl is the love interest of Garth Ranzz from the Legion of Super Heroes comics.


She is one of the most talented telepaths among a race of powerful mentalists. Imra left her homeworld of Titan to join the Science Police as a teenager. She discovered the plot and teamed up with two teenagers, Garth and Cosmic Boy to catch the assassin and founded the Legion of Super Heroes as they travel back in time to find Superboy and let them become their leader. Ben Tennyson has pursued her for some time and had begun a romantic relationship between them. The two were married and had a son named Graym after their retirement. She rejoined the Legion again in 2987 without Garth.

In Other MediaEdit

Saturn Girl appeared in the Legion of Super Heroes cartoon as a main character and had shown romantic feelings for Garth.


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