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Sayaka in her normal attire.

Sayaka Miki is a major supporting protagonist in the anime/manga series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She is Madoka Kaname's best friend, and the love interest of Kyoko Sakura.

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Sayaka as a magical girl

  • It is common to find yuri (lesbian homosexual) subtext projected into the Mahou Shoujo genre by the fanbase. Sometimes it develops into shippings or pairings created by fans, even if it was not part of the creators' original intention. The creators of the show may have been aware of this phenomenon so they decided to exploit the same yuri subtext phenomenon when it came to the relationship between Kyoko and Sayaka. However, the percieved yuri subtext mostly comes from Kyoko making it one-sided; and while it is officially recognized that Kyoko has feelings for Sayaka, it is uncertain what types of feelings they are. 
  • The double-suicide is considered typical in romantic endings for two tragic lovers in Japanese storytelling. Many fans would point this fact as evidence for making this couple canon.
  • In the manga version after Kyoko dies we are presented with an image of Sayaka's back as she is sitting on the floor, presumably waiting for someone. Kyoko approaches Sayaka from behind her with an Umaibō in hand as a sign that Kyoko wants to start all over again with Sayaka (the same way she did with Madoka) and perhaps redo her offering of food in Episode 8). But Sayaka, wearing a mischievous expression, instead grabs Kyoko's hand and pulls her down with her. This has been interpreted as Sayaka accepting Kyoko's affection for her; it can also be interpreted as Sayaka's preference to have Kyoko on the menu over the Umaibō.

    Kyoko kills herself and Sayaka.

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