Shannon Rutherford is a character on the TV series, Lost. She is a love-interest to Sayid Jarrah. She also had some some romantic moments with her step-brother, Boone Carlyle.

Before Shannon got onto the Oceanic flight 815, she had a plan to con her step-brother into giving her some of his inheritance. As she knew Boone had a crush on her, she pretends that her boyfriend Brian was abusing her. Boone pays Brian to leave her, and Shannon plans to secretly take half the money. During one con in Sydney, her "abusive boyfriend" ruins Shannon's ruse after Boone cuts him a check. Boone then decided to take Shannon back to Los Angelos. Shannon tells Boone that she knows the only reason he acted in the way he did, was because he's in-love with her. The two then sleep with each other, and the next day, go onto Ocianic Flight 815, to fly back to Los Angelos. The plane, however crashes on an island, leaving her, and a bunch of survivors, stranded.

On the island, Shannon meets Sayid, an Iraqi man, who once faught as the Republican Guard for the Iraqi War. Although many of the survivors didn't like how Shannon is always complaining, Sayid always helped her, and the two developed romantic feelings for each other. After Boone dies, Sayid comforts her, and helps her get through it.

Sayid eventually builds shelter for Shannon, and they use it to sleep with each other. Shannon and Sayid grow closer, until, Shannon is accidentally shot by Ana Lucia Cortez. She dies moments later in Sayid's arms, leaving Sayid heartbroken.

Shannon and Sayid reunite in the afterlife. Sayid helps Shannon from a man who was attacking her, and when they touch, they remember their lives on the island. Later, they reunite with all the other survivors, and "move on" together.

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