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Sharon Pintey is Ben Willis' love interest in the UK drama-comedy Cashback.


Sharon works the night shift at the local supermarket. Aspiring artist Ben Willis applies for a job as a way to make the most of his sleeping disorder. Sharon is extremely jaded by her job, having to deal with her lecherous manager and irritating co-workers.

Cashback still

Sharon and Ben

Ben and Sharon quickly become attracted to each other. Sharon and Ben then go to their boss' birthday party, but when Sharon sees Ben being kissed by his ex-girlfriend, she storms out. Ben follows her home and tries to explain what happened, but Sharon yells at him and slams the door in his face.

A few days later, Ben has his latest artworks put on exhibition. Sharon is invited and since she has cooled down, she decides to come. When Sharon sees that some of Ben's paintings are of her, she's touched that he sees her in such as way as well as perplexed at how he could draw her so well from memory. Ben then reveals his secret to Sharon: he can freeze time in order to capture still life images. The two then step outside into a snowy street and kiss passionately.

Love RivalsEdit


Suzy was Ben's ex-girlfriend. From how Ben describes her, she comes across as shallow, self-centered and over-bearing. Suzy was dating the brother of Ben and Sharon's boss, so she was invited to the party that Sharon and Ben were at. Suzy tried to get back with Ben, who refused her advances, so Suzy kisses Ben. Ben pushes her away, only to find out that Sharon saw the kiss and came to the worng conclusion. Suzy is never seen again.

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