Sheba is a character seen in the Alma Torran arc of the anime and manga series Magi: The Labyrith of Magic. When she was young, she used her magic to give energy to a mind-altering tower to control non-human species. Being about to die, she was saved by the then resistance leader Solomon. Starting as a cold, non-human species hater, she comes to realize that everything she did was wrong, becomes a sweet little girl and joins Solomon's resistance. A few years later, she falls in love with Solomon, becoming greatly frustrated with the fact that he treats her like a child and is way closer to his friend Arba. After Arba herself tells Sheba to marry Solomon, Sheba works hard to make Solomon acknowlege her feelings and once she demonstrates her bravery, maturity and great faith in Solomon, he starts seeing her as a woman rather than a child and they become a couple. She eventually became pregnant with Solomon's child, Aladdin. Unfortunately, she lost Solomon after he replaced their world's god and later she was betrayed by her former friends and killed by Arba. In her final moments, she entrusted her unborn child to her friend Ugo and died regretting not getting the chance to meet her son.

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