Sheila was Ash's love interest in the horror-comedy Army of Darkness.


Sheila was a maiden in Arthur's court who had recently lost her brother in battle with a neighbouring kingdom. When Ash lands in he past, he is brought in on suspicion of being one of the soldiers. Sheila assumes he was responsible for her brother's death and pelts him with rocks. After Ash saves everyone from the undead monsters nown as Deadites, they accept him as a hero, Sheila included.

As Ash prepares to go out and retrieve the Necronomicon, a book that can either resurrect an army of skeleton soldiers or send him back to the present, Sheila tries to warm up to him. Ash initially sees Sheila as a nuisance, but warms up to her. The two make love before Ash goes on his quest.


"I may be bad, but I feel good!"

Ash screws everything up. On his way back, he presents the Necronomicon, but admits that he didn't perform the necessary ritual before taking it, which summoned the dead back to life, along with Ash's own evil twin. At that moment, a winged deadite swoops in and abducts Sheila. Sheil is brought before Evil Ash, who has become the leader of the undead army. Evil Ash strips Sheila and ravishes her, which taints her soul and turns her into a hag.

Evil Ash leads the army of darkness into battle with Arthur's army. Ash trains the soldiers and other civilians to fight back with knowledge from the future, but they still storm the castle. Ash runs into the corrupted Sheila, who distracts him with glamour before trying to kill him. Ash incapacitates her and fights Evil Ash. The army of darkness is eventually defeated and Sheila is restored to normal.

At the end of the film, Ash and Sheila say goodbye and Ash goes back to his home time.


  • They literally had a rocky upstart!
  • Sheila reappears in the Army of Darkness comicbook series

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