Shelly Webster was the fiancee of Eric Draven in the movie The Crow, as well as the graphic novel it was based on. In the movie she was played by Sofia Shinas.


The Graphic NovelEdit

169085-147619-the-crow large

Eric and Shelly in the graphic novel

Shelly and Eric were a couple returning home after celebrating their engagement. When the car broke down, a gang approached them and started harassing the two. Eric was then shot in the head and Shelly was gang raped before being shot as well.

In Eric's flashbacks it was shown that the two lived in a house on the outskirts and that Shelly was a professional dancer.

The MovieEdit

Eric draven and shelley webster

Eric and Shelly in the film

Shelly and Eric lived in a downtown slum. When the tenants were being forcefully evicted, Shelly formed a petition. This gained the ire of some dangerous people, leading to a horrific death for both Shelly and Eric. Eric was murdered and Shelly was raped and beaten to death.

A year later, Eric was resurrected to exact his revenge on the people who destroyed their lives. When his vengeance was complete, he laid by Shelly's grave, where her spirit arrived to ferry him onto the next realm.

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