is the chauffeur of Jennifer Tilly and her on-off again love interest, though only when it pleased her. He was shown to be secretly in love with her.

Seed of Chucky (2004) Edit

Stan is a retired US Capitol Police Officer and recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion of rubbing his behind on LAX lounge furniture. Stan appears to be in love with Janet Kleehammer and wants to have a real relationship with her so he can massage her feet when she comes home from work. Stan likes her sexy feet and the fact that she wears tan pantyhose everyday. Janet wears short skirts and sultry high heels, which cause lusty thoughts from many men in her life. Janet does not seem interested to be exclusive, and he showed great disappointment when she told him of her intentions of sleeping with Redman and letting him also touch her feet while she is still wearing pantyhose. Jennifer admits later on to Redman she was starting to feel a bit guilty as it was due to his crush on her

Death Edit

When Tiffany kills Redman out of disgust for his character, they decide to use Stan as a replacement for Chucky as a host. When he later comes to find Jennifer, they tie him up next to her as she goes into labor. After Jennifer gives birth to twins,Chucky begins to become aggravated by everything. The pressure to switch bodies fast, the noise of the infants, the cops coming closer, and everything else. He decides to reject the idea of switching bodies and embraces what he really is.

However, Tiffany rejects his idea, wanting to be a star and states she is leaving him and taking the "kids". Angrily, he throws a knife meant for Jennifer, and Stan sacrifices himself to protect her. Even as he is dying, he tries again to get the courage to confess his love as Jennifer is touched by this and she is shown crying over her boyfriend`s death.

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