'Kate Gillis aka Super Kate is a orphan and a superheroine and a deceased King's love interest. She wears a similar superhero outfit to Ruby, white t shirt with a pink rectangle line (down), sky blue superhero shorts (similar to wrestling tights), gloves and boots with a yellow triangle. She has brown long hair. She is turned into a bubble guppy by Distille. She wears a black long sleeve shirt, blue denim shorts, black shoes in her normal attire. Her family were killed by Devil Kazuya. When her close friend King is killed by Cervantes, Super Kate must avenge his death


Superman/Supergirl/Power Girl's powers

Super Kate vs CervantesEdit

Kate was first seen flying in the sky in her normal attire. She lands to the ground and turns into Super Kate. Cervantes walks into battle. Super Kate says " I must save CJ from you, villain!" and battles Cervantes. Young CJ was watching  Kate and Cervantes fight while in Miss Blossom's arms. Cervantes shoots with his pistol sword at Super Kate but this does not hurt her. She finishes Cervantes off when she uses heat vision to destroy him once and for all. Later Kate returns to her normal attire and saves a little CJ. While CJ is now in Kate's arms, Kate flies away into the air, carrying CJ away from Cervantes's lair. After that, Kate gives CJ back to his parents and Susan Hurley says "Thanks Super Kate" CJ looked at her normal attire and Kate smiles at him and flies away into the sky. The last scene shows that Kate is flying int the sky.