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Susan Lawrence is the love interest of Josh Baskin in the 1988 comedy movie, Big. She is played by Elizabeth Perkins. 

Susan worked in a toy company, where she designs toys. She eventually falls for the new employee, Josh Baskin. However, unknown to her, Josh is actually an 12 year old child, who has been magically transformed into an adult. Due to the fact that Josh still has an 12 year old mind, he does not fall for Susan right away. One night, Susan comes over to Josh's apartment. She is shocked to see all the toys a grown man owns. Susan expected to sleep with Josh, but Josh does not understand what she wants, and insists on sleeping in different beds.

As the movie goes on, Josh begins to mature, and soon falls for Susan. The two kiss, and although not stated, it is implied that the two slept with each other. Josh and Susan work together well, and pitch a great idea for a new toy to the company. 

At the end, when Susan learns that Josh is actually a kid, she becomes upset that their relationship is over. The two share an emotional goodbye, and Susan kisses Josh on the forehead. After Josh transforms back into a kid, he waves goodbye to Susan, and goes back to his family.

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