Tatiana Romanova (better know as Tania), is the love interest of James Bond, in the movie, From Russia with Love. She was played by Italian actress, Daniela Bianchi.

Tania was hired by Rosa Klebb, who works for SPECTRE. Tania, believing that Klebb worked for an organization called SMERSH, took a job from her, involving Bond. However, Tania was really a pawn in the plan to get revenge on Bond for killing Dr. Julius No, and to steal a lecktor. Tania is given a picture of Bond so she could find him.

Tania finds Bond, and tells him that he looks nicer in person than he did in his photograph. Bond finds her attractive as well, and they sleep together that night. The two then team up to find the Lecktor.

Later, Bond discovers that Tania is helping SPECTRE. At first, he is upset about this, but eventually discovers that she didn't know that she was working for them.

In the end, Tania saves Bond when she kills Klebb, and the two ride off together on a boat, and kiss.

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