Boy, love is tough huh? Don't worry, heroes or heroines. There are few ways to tell each other how you feel for real.

Here's some few reason why:

  • afraid to be heartbroken or being hate on
  • afraid to ask them out like a date
  • being shy to the main protagonist, etc
  • wondering if they felt the same way
  • both know each since childhood, but denies at first that they're in love until adulthood
  • sometimes that heroes are worried about their love interest's safety until the heroines or he realize that their love is stronger than everything
  • don't get along at first until they realize that they're falling in love
  • they started out as friends until they realize that they're in love and admit their true feelings

It's like Confessing Their Feelings, Being in Love, Smooch of Victory, Rescue Romance and Held Gaze.